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I’m Maria Nolan, a Buckinghamshire-based wellness provider addressing both physical and mental wellbeing by uniquely combining my expertise as a personal trainer and a practitioner of holistic treatments. I provide bespoke personal training programs for individuals and two-person sessions plus reflexology, facial reflexology and Zone Face Lift treatments from my peaceful private studio in Seer Green, near Beaconsfield. 

I help clients to achieve a sustainable healthy lifestyle

which isn’t just another quick fix or detox.

Through fun personal training sessions, I work with clients to meet any number of personal goals from increasing strength, achieving weight loss, rehabilitation following injury or surgery to nutritional education and improved general fitness.

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In my holistic work as a reflexologist, I help clients to reduce stress, anxiety, and headaches, improve circulation, balance the body’s systems and heal naturally. Treatments include foot and face reflexology and are suitable for men and women, including during fertility treatment, pregnancy and menopause.

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Whether you have a specific goal or simply need to create space for some wellness in your life, I’d be happy to tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Work with me, and you will get great results.

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"Maria’s facial reflexology treatment was sublime. I thoroughly relaxed and switched off, revelling in the heavenly sensation of massage. Maria’s touch felt totally intuitive and I swear she took a few years off me, leaving my skin looking plumped and glowy."

Andi Bourne

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